America’s Other Heroes invites you to become an America’s Other Heroes Ambassador whose job it will be to introduce us to organizations in need of additional financing.

America’s Other Heroes’ Ambassadors will be part of the America’s Other Heroes’ marketing team and will be compensated for their efforts. Payments to Ambassadors will be charged solely to REW and no costs whatsoever will be charged to any organizations.

We need your help

Many will donate their time while others will choose to donate money… now there’s a third alternative that’s much more powerful.

Imagine for a moment that this website could reach a very large number of people who would be willing to make an average donation of $100. Ask yourself this. How much of a difference will just $100 make? Unfortunately… not very much.

The old, expensive way to raise money

But, if we could get 50,000 people to donate $100 we’d raise $5,000,000. Now that’s a lot of money but it took a lot of people and that requires spending a lot of money on promotion and administration so the net amount of money actually going to help veterans would most likely be a lot less than $5,000,000. For many organizations, those costs could easily exceed $1,000,000 or more. That’s a million dollars less to provide help to the people who deserve it the most.

The new more powerful way to raise money

Now let’s say instead of you donating a few hours of your time every week or making a $100 cash donation, you chose the third alternative and that’s talking to everyone you know to find just one candidate who would qualify for our Charitable Giving Program. Just one!

We’d raise the same $5,000,000 and there wouldn’t be any need for promotion or administration so our people in need would receive 100% of the money raised.

Now imagine that all those 50,000 people who were willing to donate their time or money did the same. How many more participants do you think they’d find? And how much more money would they raise? And how many more people would they help?

You decide… work hard? Donate small? Or, think smart, be efficient and raise a ton of money and help a lot more of those in need.

Click here to get involved and do something that will make a real difference.